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HP Gas Booking Number - HP Gas Customer Care Number

HP Gas Booking Customer Care Toll Free Number:

HP Gas Booking Customer Care NumberLPG cylinders can be booked trouble-free through the IVRS HP Gas Booking Number  Booking is open 24 hours at HP and consumers do not have to worry about any troubles such as busy line. Consumer bookings are stored in a server and then transferred to Computer stations of the distributers. From distributers the booked cylinder goes to the customer. The company recommends registering of the consumers’ mobile number in their first booking because next time when the booking is done through the IVRS, it will identify the mobile number. The number registered will act as an identity for the IVRS system. All states have different IVR numbers.

HP Gas Booking Customer Care Number:

HP Gas Booking Toll-free Numbers remain available 24 hours for inquiry and registering complaints. Besides this, the company has set up a Complaint Management System Portal to take care of the issues faced by consumers. Registering of complaints is simple on this portal. A consumer needs to provide information such as dealer information, location, LPG ID, the connection number and a few others. Complaints such as after booking no delivery took place, overcharging, complaints against dealer services and products and several others. Consumers can restore a lost or defective cylinder or regulator. The conditions that come into play in this kind of restoration are that the company will replace a destroyed cylinder if the destruction cylinder is due to LPG. Restoring a cylinder because of theft could come about if the consumer presents a copy of FIR and a certificate stating that the cylinder is not detectable. Here, in this case, the company will replace at a normal cost. The same pertains to regulators.

HP Gas Booking Customer Care Number:

The ordinary wear and tear of a regulator is acceptable for a free replacement. HP gas cylinder can be booked online, through SMS and through HP gas distributors. A booked cylinder weighs around 14 kg. Apart from this, there is a 5 kg gas cylinder distributed in some cities. Consumers can buy it along with the regulator. This kind of selling of LPG comes under Free Trade LPG often referred as FTL. The first sale of such cylinders will include a price for the regulator, the cylinder and some administrative charges along with the price of LPG. From the second sale onwards, consumers have to just pay for the LPG but they have to return the empty cylinder. The charges vary from city to city and they all have different HP Gas Booking Contact Numbers. 

This 5kg cylinder is also available to buy in local outlets accessible to the customers. The safest transportation of LPG gas is through pipelines because they are environmental-friendly, no risk of accidents and are efficient transporters. Pipelines play a great role in meeting the needs of the consumers. Traditional ways of cooking welcome health hazards for the cooking woman at home. The safe and efficient cooking gas from HP serves the Indian women for their domestic cooking and for the industries-cylinders is bigger than the regular domestic cylinder.

HP GAS Customer Care Toll Free Number:1-800-2333-555.

HP GAS Customer Care EMail Id: (Manager- PR&CC)

HP GAS Corporate Headquarters Office Address :

HP GAS Corporate Officie,
#No: Petroleum House, 17
Area: Jamshedji Tata Road, 
City: Mumbai,
State: Maharashtra, India.
Pin Code: 400-020.
Contact No: 022-2286-3900 

HP GAS Marketing Headquarters Office Address :

#No: Hindustan Bhavan, 8
Area: Shoorji Vallabhdas Marg
P.B. No. 155, 
City: Mumbai,
State: Maharashtra,
Pin Code: 400-001.
Contact No: 022-2263-7000.

HP Gas Customer Care Number States/Areas:
HP Gas Customer Care Number Delhi & NCR: 999-092-3456.
HP Gas Customer Care Toll Free Number Kerala: 9961-023-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Service Number Maharashtra & Goa: 8888-823-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Helpline Number Bihar: 9470-723-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Complaint Number Assam: 9085-023-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Contact Number Tamil Nadu: 9092-223-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Helpline Phone Number Jammu & Kashmir: 9086-023-456.
HP Gas Customer Care 24/7 Number Himachal Pradesh: 9882-023-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Toll Free Contact Number Andhra Pradesh: 9666-023-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Service Number Rajasthan: 7891-023-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Support Phone Number Haryana: 9812-923-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Contact Phone Number Karnataka: 9964-023-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Helpline Phone Number Jharkhand: 8987-523-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Helpdesk Number Uttar Pradesh West: 8191-923-456.
HP Gas Customer Care call center Number Odisha: 9090-923-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Number Punjab: 9855-623-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Service Number West Bengal: 9088-823-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Phone Number Gujarat: 9824-423-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Service Center Number Puducherry: 9092-223-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Number Uttar Pradesh: 9889-623-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Contact Number Madhya Pradesh: 9669-023-456.
HP Gas Customer Care Number Chhattisgarh: 9669-023-456.

HP Gas Official Website:

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