Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Paytm Raipur Customer Care - Paytm Complaint Toll Free Support Number

Paytm Customer Care Toll Free Number Raipur:

Paytm Customer Care NumberThe Paytm service is designed to be used by bank customers who has a valid debit card with sufficient fund in it, currently the app can be accessed on website and also from app in smartphones. If you are registering for the first time, Paytm requires a 4 digit pass code which is send to the mobile number that you have given to server. The balance is instantly updated whenever you send money; the wallet takes some time to update if servers are very low , Paytm customer care number Raipur is a good platform for you to get information on Paytm shopping , deals ,offers etc.

Paytm Customer Care Number Raipur:

Because of security reasons, Paytm asks strong authentication code whenever you login in other mobiles or desktop. Paytm notifications and transaction details comes to the mobile that you have authenticated last, you can delete your account if you are not satisfied with the services or there is also a facility in the form of Paytm Toll free number   Raipur to give suggestions for improving performance.

Paytm Customer Service Helpline Number Raipur: 0120-306-2244.

Paytm Customer Care Contact Number Raipur: 120-3888-3888.

Paytm Customer Care Mail Id:

Paytm Official Website:

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