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Phonepe App Customer Care Number - Phonepe App Complaint Number

Phonepe Customer Care Toll Free Number:

Phonepe App Customer Care NumberPhonepe Customer Care Number, as and when required, can be contacted by the users who use the app in transacting money. The company that owns it is Flipkart.  By using this app, users can have quick refunds and do shopping, send and receive money, recharges and make payments. Being a user of this app, you will receive cash back offers. The app provides its services in several regional languages. The app is not only useful for individual users, but also for business. It is an interface that lets users pay the business people and allows the latter to have digital payment from the former. The app is a Unified Payments Interface (UPI) with which you can transfer money between bank accounts through your smartphone. 

Phonepe App Customer Care Number:

The highlighting feature of the app is that you can use it to pay money from your bank account without using the details of either bank account.  At present, this app is only available for android. Users can find it from the Google Play Store and they do not have to call any Phonepe Toll-free Number for instructions to instal it. It's simple to do. After installing, to use the app, you need to sign up and activate the app. Make your login and account. Validate your mobile number and type in your email and name. 

Phonepe Customer Care Contact Number:

Then create a password to get the app activated. After that, click on Create New VPN. Choose your bank name, the rest of the details the app will find out by itself. When we use a wallet app, the wallet has to be filled first before sending money. Here with Phonepe, you need not do that. On the home page, just tap on SEND. Pick the bank account to which you have to send money. Fill the amount of money to be sent and select the bank you want the money to reach. Press SEND. That's it, the money reaches where you wished it to reach.

Money can also be sent using the QR code of the receiver through this app. For receiving the money, you need to press on REQUEST on the home page and few more steps you have to walk through. As far as security is dealt with, the app is safe. Transactions on the app will require a UPI PIN to be entered and that pin will only be known to you. It is recommended not to share this PIN.  Besides this, there is a password for the app which will obstruct unauthorised access.

Phonepe Customer Care Number:

Above all, all transactions take place on secure networks. This app only uses the user's mobile number and the UPI Pin to check and identify sending and receiving of money. Therefore, there is no need to use OTP, and it is secure and strong. In case you lose your phone, you do not have to worry as the UPI Pin is only known to you so no one can do transactions through the app on your phone. In such cases, make a call to Phonepe Contact Number  to block your account for the time being.

Phonepe Customer Care Number: 0124-6789-345

Phonepe Customer Care Email Id: 

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Phonepe App Registered Address

FX Mart Private Limited 
#No: A 25,
Area: Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area,
City: New Delhi, South Delhi.
Pin Code: 110-044.

Phonepe App Mailing Address

Mantri Commercio 
#No: Tower A, 4th Floor, B-Wing, 39/5, 
Landmark: Kariyammana Agrahara Village, Outer Ring Road,
Area: Varthur Hobli, Bellandur, 
City: Bangalore, 
State: Karnataka, India,
Pin Code: 560-103.

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