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eBay Customer Care Number - eBay Support Number

eBay Customer Care Helpline Number:

eBay Customer Care NumberApart from eBay Customer Care Numbers, you can chat and email your queries, and for that, you will find options on the eBay website.The procedure for communicating with the customer care is much the same in any of the three options. All you have to do is to get at Contact eBay by clicking Help & Contact found on most of the pages of the eBay official website. Opt out a topic that relating to your query. You can now see options for chatting, emailing, and calling. Click any of these options depending on your choice of communication. When you click the call option, you will receive a phone number and PIN on your registered mobile number. Dial this mobile number and enter the PIN in response to the IVR. After entering the PIN, an expert will pick up your call and answer your query. Getting a response to your email may take a few days depending on your query. The time to respond will depend on the query you have asked. You can also communicate with the customer service through the Contact us page of the website.

eBay Customer Care Number: 

The merchant ships the purchased items within three days after receiving the confirmation order. After five days of payment if buyers do not receive their ordered item, then the best way to work out this problem is to approach the merchant rather than telephoning the eBay Toll-free Numbers. Buyers can raise a claim under eBay Guarantee in the case of calling the seller does not work out. They get a cover for the whole payment they have made to the seller including the shipping charges for purchasing the ordered item under eBay Guarantee. Within 30 days of payment, they can raise a claim for not receiving the ordered item. By coordinating with both the seller and the buyer, eBay will solve the issue satisfying the buyer. Buyers who receive an item that does not match the description given by the seller can claim for the item within 10 days from payment.

eBay Customer Care Support Number:

The foremost thing customers can do to check whether somebody has logged on to their account is by asking their family. It is because it is the family of the customers who have access to the customer's account. In case customers cannot log on to their account, they may contact the eBay Contact Numbers. eBay will help them out by stopping the unlawful access. Change email, password, and the secret question if logging on to account is possible. Make sure that the listings and active bids belong to the account holder and validate the contact details as well. Sometimes members experience restriction in selling and buying activities from their account. The reason for which the restriction has taken place will be available as a message under My eBay. The message will also state what has to be done to enable the selling and buying activities on an account. Mostly the reasons for barring selling or buying activities on an account are trying to sell an item without adhering to the rules and policies, attempting to sign up for a new account with the help of an old account, unpaid items and monthly invoice unpaid.

eBay Customer Care Number: 1-800-2093-229.

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