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Jio DTH Customer Care Number India - Jio DTH Toll Free Number

Jio DTH Set Top Box Toll Free Number:

jio customer care number indiaMany people are in confusion why Government wants to digitalize cable TV connections in India, the main reason is this technology will provide more picture clarity on the screen and gives better experience for watching videos. This is done by equipment known as set top box, it can covert signals into digital form. Government has put a certain deadline for all television users across the country, the deadline for upgrading the cable TV connections with set top boxes is 31st march 2017, to take advantage of this reliance Jio is preparing to enter DTH sector, Sources said that, the company is prepared to launch Jio set top boxes with a free welcome offer. Definitely one would look for Jio DTH customer care number to enquire about the offers and packages.

Jio DTH Customer Care Number India:

Reliance Jio has changed away the fate of internet usage in India by offering free 4G data, In fact this step by the company made the country to stand 1st in terms of higher data usage rate and also Jio became a leading mobile network provider with large customer base. As per the reports circulating over the internet, DTH services might be free for 90 days. Those who will purchase Jio DTH set top box as quickly as possible can enjoy this service. Jio user manual that comes along with set top box contains Jio DTH Toll Free number; you can request for one more connection or give a complaint if it is not working properly.

Jio DTH Customer Care Contact Number:

It is said that Jio DTH connection in India is will be operated through  Jio broadband connection which will almost give up to 1Mbps streaming speed , It is the present free data usage limit for  4G mobile network users. Recent images leaked from unknown sources which are trending in internet conveys that Jio has decided to manufactures it Television set top boxes in standard rectangular design and now doubt that 90 days free trail will degrade the market of other operators. Not all DTH set top boxes are perfect as some of them might not give good output due to manufacturing defects, so you might need Jio DTH customer care contact number in such cases for asking help.

Jio DTH Customer Service Helpline Number:

Reliance Jio which earlier disturbed the market of other mobile operators will definitely conquer market share of other DTH operators if it decides to offer free service for certain period for the people who order their set top boxes. The organization is working hard to introduce new technologies like voice enabled remote to search channels, categories etc. This service might be launched all over the country at pretty good rates; Users will be able to enjoy High definition videos at a reasonable price with this service. This page has all contact details like Jio DTH customer service helpline number, chat support id etc.

Jio DTH Technical Support Number:

Sources say that Reliance Jio DTH services can be enjoyed by customers from any state using an Android operating system based set top box, plan rates are not yet confirmed but rumors state that basic plan will start at Rs.180 per month and it might contain more than three hundred channels, 50 High definition channels. You can either call Reliance DTH technical support number from registered mobile or any other phone.

Jio DTH Customer Care Number: 198 & 199.

Jio DTH Customer Care Toll Free Number: 1800-889-999.

Jio DTH Sales Number: 1880-893-3333.

Jio DTH Official Website:

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