Friday, 22 September 2017

Andhra Bank customer care number:- 1800-425-1515

Andhra Bank Customer Care Number:-

Andhra bank was first started in Machilipatnam region but later their main office was shifted to Hyderabad, It became public sector bank after second phase of nationalization. Dr. Pattabhi Ramayya first registered the bank with paid up capital of Rs.1,00,00 in 1923 and by 1964 it became completely government owned bank. Are you planning to go on vacation in near future with your family and want to save money for that trip from now itself? Then consider Andhra bank shub yatra i.e. holiday saving account, the bank has collaborated with M/s Thomas cook for offering this product. See the list of Andhra bank customer care number in this post, the contact helps to fulfill your banking needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dena bank offers customer service in almost all Indian languages.

Andhra Bank Toll Free Number:-

The cost of quality education is increasing rapidly, Andhra bank education loan is the most cost effective means to pay your  academic fees if you are not receive scholarship or if you financial status is not in s situation to afford fees. Any student who is willing to get loan from the bank should be Indian national and should have secured a higher educational course in reputed institute. Rate of interest is 2% if the loan amount is up to 7.50 Lakhs and the interest rate is just 1.55% if the amount is above 7.50 lakhs. Give a buzz to Andhra bank toll free number to get immediate help on unauthorized transactions.

Andhra Bank Customer Support Number:-

Andhra bank encourages Kisan Vikas pathra deposits, a welfare scheme introduced by government of India which helps people especially farmers to save small amounts that will definitely turn into huge amounts in long term. At present, this scheme is implemented in 428 Andhra bank branches all over the country. This scheme comes with maturity of 113 months; another important feature is there no need of submitting permanent account number. AB Rupay debit card is valid only for the transactions with in India where as visa platinum chip card is valid across the globe. You have reached right place while looking for Andhra bank customer support number.

Andhra Bank Customer Helpline Number:-

People who don’t want to carry cash for vacations can use Andhra bank travel card that is designed according to the needs of travelling consumer. Card is limited for cash withdrawals and for using at POS outlets, no other additional charges will be imposed for checking balance at Andhra bank ATM’s. Indian residents above 18 years are eligible for travel card; the card can be reloaded with amount at any time before two years from issuing date. Citizens can open up to 10 accounts

Andhra Bank Customer Care Number: 1800-425-1515
Andhra Bank Pension Related Customer Care Number: 1800-425-7701.

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