Wednesday, 20 September 2017

ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number | 1800-200-3344

ICICI Bank Credit Card Customer Care Number:

Purchase any product using ICICI bank credit card and pay later slowly, It is especially helpful for purchasing higher denomination items like smartphones , refrigerators, televisions, shopping bills etc. It allows you to make transactions without carrying large amount of cash; you will be also able to record monthly transactions so that your budget will be in control. ICICI designed different types of credit cards for different classes of people; its aim is to satisfy all classes of people by providing appropriate product to them. ICICI has customer care centers across India with an head office in Hyderabad , you need to dial ICICI bank credit card customer care number even to connect with representatives of local language.

ICICI Bank Credit Card toll Free Number:

The bank provides a number of contacts to solve their customers queries quickly, ICICI bank credit card tollfree number is one of the frequently used contacts.Earn unlimited cash rewards every where every time on shopping with ICICI coral credit card, account holder will get complimentary provogue tie upon purchasing this product. The customer will get 2x reward points when even hotel bills are paid or groceries are purchased with coral credit card. Dial ICICI bank credit card toll free number for more information about this card, ICICI card can’t be misused by creating a duplicate copy as they come with embedded micro chips to provide additional security. Micro chips have added security in the form of personal identification number which is not at all required for online transactions.

ICIC Bank Credit Card Customer Support Number:

When you lose cash or it is stolen by someone, there may be no way or it is very difficult to recover it. If your ICICI bank platinum or any other type of credit card is lost, you can block it and request for a new one. Customers who have good track record with credit card spend and repayments can apply for loan using   it, the loan amount will be credit to customer’s ICICI bank account.  For customers without account, money will be transferred into other accounts via NEFT or internet banking, Now you can block your credit card simply by dialing ICICI bank credit card customer support number. It is one stop solution for all your worries incase if your card is stolen.

ICICI Credit Card Helpline Number:

For the loans taken with ICICI bank credit cant, amount generally gets credited with in 3-4 days. If the concerned person opts to receive money via demand draft, then it takes around 11 days to get t6he draft. Personal loan up to Rs.10 Lakh can be availed with prolonged tenure up to 60 months, without documentation and attractive interest rates.  Instant platinum credit card is a good option if you want to get good credit score, use this card at book my show and get 2 tickets every month.  Its helpline number is always available round the clock , even non account holders- can use this services if they are willing to utilize bank services.

ICICI Bank Toll Free Numbers: 1800-200-3344 | 1800-102-4242

ICICI Bank India Customer Care No: 1800-103-8181

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